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Chandman Designs was started in 2009 After I was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was looking for a way to stay in the Wrestling Business. Since then I have provided some of the best graphic work for Wrestling Promoters all over the world.


I got started working for ASW Wrestling out of Madison West Virginia for Gary Damron the top Indy Wrestling promoter in tri-state area. Over the years, Gary has became one of my close friends in and outside of the Wrestling Business. 


Chandman Designs was one of the first companies that did Match Graphics for every Independent Wrestling show. It started at ASW Halloween Mayhem 2009, when it was Facade VS. Jay Lethal VS. Rhett Titus.

I am very passionate about the Wrestling Business and my work & Always willing to go the extra mile for all my clients.



All Graphic work must be pay upfront via PayPal or Facebook Pay we Guarantee 100% on all Graphic work if the event is cancel we do not refund the money back. We go by first come first serve once I receive your payment 



All Promo Images must be high resolution You want your event to stand out and create a buzz, I want my work to do the same. That can't happen with some of the terrible images I have received in the past.


Weekend Policy I don't work on Graphics on the weekends if I am not a show I am spending time with my Family and Friends.  Now if you need something done that can't wait until Monday there will be a weekend fee charge.




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